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Telesampling Program

When budget decreases eliminated a client's field sales force, Direct Success implemented a set of call cycles for targeted physicians in various deciles.

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During each cycle, our call center contacted approximately 15,000 physicians and offered samples of our client's cough and cold products. A physician could receive additional samples by calling a toll free phone line manned by Direct Success.

Results: Over 95% of 15,000 physicians opted in to receive samples. Throughout the two (2) year program, we helped our client maintain sales at the same level with an 80% reduction in operating costs as compared to the field sales force.

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Specialty Pharmacy Initiative

A client's product is critical to patients suffering from a very rare condition. With less than 1,000 patients in the USA, retail pharmacies found it difficult to carry the product or offer quick turn–around times when patients needed it.

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In order to improve access to this medication, the DSI Specialty Pharmacy obtained the product and set up a toll free help line for physicians and patients. Utilizing Direct Mail and our Call Center, physicians received instructions on how to order this product for their patients through the DSI Specialty Pharmacy. Faster turn–around times and improved communication resulted in increased physician and patient satisfaction.

Results: The program continues to offer customized service for both patient and physician through the DSI Specialty Pharmacy. Patients receive reminders regarding refills, compliance, and other support services while physicians can talk with our on–staff pharmacists about any unusual needs for their patient.

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Call Center Program

The client needed to adequately handle high volume telephone responses to DTC advertising on television and in magazine ads.

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Direct Success implemented a seven day a week, twelve hour shift call center to handle product coupon requests.

Results: Within a six week period, Direct Success handled 177,904 calls and fulfilled all requests within 24 hours. The client experienced an increase of sales.

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Fax Back Sample Request Program

The client's goals were to build brand recognition and increase the number of prescriptions written from non–called on practitioners.

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Direct Success designed a fax–back sample request program utilizing various non–personal detailing tools (direct mail, online portals, email, fax, etc.)


Brand 1: The fax–back sample request program consisted of a two‑wave direct mail delivery method targeted to 6,200 practitioners. The client's objective was exceeded with a response rate of approximately 48.76% and an increase in prescriptions from non–called on practitioners.

Brand 2: The fax–back sample request program consisted of a single wave direct mail method targeted to 3,651 practitioners. The client's objective was exceeded with a response rate of approximately 21.42%.

Direct Success Average Program Response Rates

All Direct Success Fax–Back Sample Request Programs have average response rates of between 20 and 25% when the previously stated program criteria and components take place. Direct Success' highest response rate for a Fax–Back Sample Request Program was 52%.

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Targeted Direct Mail Campaign

An OTC product had flat sales. Direct Success was asked to create a campaign to target pediatricians.

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After visiting pediatric offices to learn more about what pediatricians responded to, Direct Success created a 3–wave, targeted direct mail campaign. Each wave of the self–mailers included a large, colorful, personalized piece targeted to pediatricians offering patient education materials in the form of a newsletter for the patient. When the parent opted–in for the child, a quarterly newsletter was sent to the child's name and compliments of Dr. (patient's physician).

The newsletter shared information on wellness and health. Children were invited to share drawings, stories, etc. Over 1,000 pediatricians were sent patient literature aimed at their patients and parents. The first wave received a 21% response rate. The second wave received a 32% response rate (same physician target list). The third wave received a 52% response rate.

Results: This campaign's design and non–branded messages to the children patients consistently increased the response rate of the physician audience. More importantly, during the campaign and months after the campaign the sales of the product increased. Physicians and parents related to the educational purpose of the communications and support of the brand without being bombarded with brand messaging.

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CME Program Management

A Direct Success managed CME meeting was scheduled to be the only pharmaceutical meeting at a hotel on a specific day. It did not work out that way.

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Due to the hotel's scheduling error, a DSI Client's CME meeting was scheduled across the hall from another physicians' training on a competing drug therapy.

Physicians from the other program were interfering with the DSI program through inappropriate conduct towards our speakers and attendees. Additionally, attendees of both events were confused about where they belonged.

The DSI events team intervened to rectify the situation, adding a new colorful sticker to our client's attendees' badges to help hotel security identify the proper attendees. They also enlisted the assistance of hotel security and posted guards at every door to the meeting rooms.

Results: In the end, the program and provider maintained their CME integrity and the attendees left with the intended knowledge of the product. The submitted course evaluations from the attendees highly rated the content and the program as a whole. The only mention of the issues with the competing training was in the form of thanks to our meeting planners for utilizing the highest level of professionalism.

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Agile Audit Reporting

One of our CME Provider clients was being audited for past programs. Their auditors required a copy of every document, invoice, and correspondence from over four years worth of CME training programs.

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For Direct Success, this translated into over 100 separate CME programs, and a few thousand pieces of documentation DSI needed to report on within 24–hours.

By securely storing client information on the physical premises at our headquarter site, we are always able to produce accurate and prompt reporting. All client information is stored on our secure network. Any paper–meeting materials are stored for a minimum of four years and then scanned into our databases and archived chronologically.

Results: Four years worth of reporting was completed within hours of the initial request. All archived emails, memos, etc. were collected and sent to our client the next morning. All Direct Success reporting was completed well within the required 24–hour deadline. The client was able to produce the required documents and pass the audit with flying colors.

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Process Analysis and Support

During a planning meeting of a new project the client shared their plan to have a new system of tracking project results for multiple brands. Direct Success pointed out that the new plan would involve over 1,000 different possible reporting codes.

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The Direct Success IT team recognized that the process they had currently in place would cause the client 10 times the workload and 5 times the costs than what was necessary. This flaw in the design of the process would have made the program unsustainable going forward. After the issue was revealed and the client had a chance to review the claim, they acknowledged the error and revamped their entire process flow to simplify the process and the business rules, still meeting their goal of tracking and identifying the various campaigns for their marketing needs. DSI’s early recognition of the issue saved the client valuable time and money in the development and running of the multiple programs.

Direct Success programs are designed to increase reach and frequency without the high cost of increasing your sales force.
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