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Data is the lifeline of the Pharmaceutical industry. Direct Success has developed organic systems that can house, analyze and report on any data our clients need. Our capability to design database/platforms that will meet the client's needs allow customization at a level most data houses cannot offer.

DSI can handle any data management activities from simple inventory activity reporting to advanced analysis of practitioner prescribing habits, how a marketing campaign influenced writing habits and what type of marketing communication works best with which HCPs.

In addition to the standard tools, DSI has developed some powerful, proprietary Compliance tools that convert reporting data into marketing analytics. This revolutionary approach has given us the ability to help our clients turn required reporting data into a profit center! Read More

"We are highly satisfied with the speed of customer support response during critical times. Routinely, we receive inventory reports as well as additional notice when stock may have depleted faster than expected. This notice is critical in our business where we have core items that cannot go out of stock."
Marketing Director
Reckitt Benckiser Pharma

Learn how DSI effectively stores and manages critical documentation for multi–year audits.
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Utilize Direct Success eSolutions to propel your marketing initiatives ahead of the pack.
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