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Direct Success has an in–house call center experienced in TeleSampling, TeleDetailing, TeleSales and a host of inbound and outbound call services. Our outbound call programs have provided some of the highest success rates our clients have experienced.

The Direct Success team of TeleReps shares information to both healthcare professionals and patients in a manner that has been proven as the next best thing to a live sales person. Using their knowledge, confidence and natural way of speaking, our TeleReps secure a positive response from the audience without giving the impression they are reading from a script. All callers are trained on applicable regulatory requirements and adverse event procedures.

We can provide 100% geographic coverage through message detailing and/or sample offers to targeted practitioners in non–detailed areas. DSI combines the latest industry initiatives and superior customer service to ensure a cost effective means of getting desired communication channels to the specified target audience.

With industry wide reductions in sales forces, TeleServices are becoming heavily relied upon to cover whitespace and as a supplement to the sales force.

We have achieved unprecedented success rates with our TeleServices department:

TeleDetail Wave Oncology Product Launch

Once you establish a connection with your target audience, it is important to keep them engaged with ongoing offers and communication. Read more

"DSI continually provided the highest quality work for my company throughout all programs. I knew that we could always rely on them for a quick turnaround with reliable production. The DSI team also consistently provided creative solutions and worked with our budgets and project needs to ensure great service."
Program Director
MediMedia Managed Markets

DSI handles high volume telephone responses seven days a week
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Increase program results by enhancing the relationship with your customer with ongoing messages.
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